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May 20 20224 min read

New Stats Confirm Myth of Plastic Recycling

Written by: Troy Swope | Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Footprint Recently one of our team members spotted a plastic salad container in a supermarket that said “Ready to Recycle”. What does it mean to say the container is ready? ...
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Apr 20 20225 min read

The Great Straw Freakout: How a Marine Biologist’s Video of an Injured Turtle Galvanized the Global Fight Against Single-Use Plastic

To honor Earth Day, Footprint is revisiting our most successful blog post ever: The History of Straws: From Invention to Regulation.
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Apr 20 20223 min read

History of Straws: From Invention to Regulation

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Nov 22 20213 min read

Life on Planet Plastic: The Health Risks of our Plastic Addiction

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, people around the world will buy more than one million plastic bottles and use at least two million plastic bags. Yet even as more people aim to avoid these types of single-use plastics, ...
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Feb 25 2021< 1 min read

Footprint Foundation: Mass Cold-Stunning Event of Sea Turtles of Unprecedented Magnitude in Texas

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Jun 25 20195 min read

Plastic Packaging: An Alphabet Soup of Chemicals

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Jun 20 20194 min read

Grocery Stores Get Wise: Offering Consumers Sustainability

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Jun 14 20193 min read

Canada Began Saving the World This Week

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Jun 12 20194 min read

Plastic is Killing Our Oceans and Us

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